How will an academic advisor assist me?

The University Advising Center staff is committed to helping students identify and achieve their academic and personal goals. As the student, you are responsible for the choices you make during your time in college. Academic advisors can assist your decision making by providing a solid foundation of information and support. Among other things, an academic advisor can:

  • Identify courses that meet general education requirements, prerequisites for your intended major, and that fit with your personal interests and strengths
  • Assist you in collaboration with your Career Advisor in exploring and choosing a major 
  • Help you understand probation/suspension and connect you with resources to help you succeed
  • Clarify academic policies and procedures
  • Initiate processes for completing transient study, declaring a major or minor, submitting academic petitions, and transfer credit re-evaluations
  • Discuss your progress towards completing the general education requirements
  • Discuss your progress towards meeting prerequisite/pre-major requirements for a given major, and suggest alternatives if you are off track
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