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Undergraduate Grading Policy Exception - Spring 2021

The Undergraduate Grading Policy for the 2020-21 academic year allows undergraduate students to elect Pass/No Credit grading in up to three courses for the entire academic year, including summer.

No more than two courses can be elected for H/P/N grading per term.

Students may be assigned an H grade for a final grade of C or better to designate that they have satisfied any progression (prerequisite) requirements.

  • Students may complete their courses and review their letter grades before deciding whether to request Pass/No Credit grades to replace standard grades for any of their Spring 2021 courses
  • Students in full-term and 2nd half-term courses can make grade elections between May 20 and June 1
  • Students in 1st half-term courses can make grade elections between March 20 and April 2
  • Instructions for making Pass/No Credit grade elections will be provided in March
  • Students who already have made grade elections for Spring 2021 will be contacted by the Office of the Registrar with further instructions

Students are strongly encouraged to consult with their academic advisor and course instructor before making a decision to be aware of any implications on future plans.  For more information regarding this grading policy, click here.

Withdrawals - Spring 2021

Students who find it necessary to withdraw from a course (or multiple courses) during the spring 2021 semester will receive a grade of WE, withdrawal for extenuating circumstances. Students should consult an advisor before doing so.

If a student decides to withdraw, they will need to log in to their my.UNCC account, select Banner Self Service and utilize the option to self-withdraw from the desired course(s) for the spring 2021 semester.  Students will need to select the withdraw with extenuating circumstances option in the drop-down.

This will not affect the self-withdrawal credit limit, as students will receive a grade of WE, withdrawal with extenuating circumstances. Please note, it may take at least one business day for the WE to reflect on a students account.  It is important to note the potential impact that a withdrawal may have on a student such as, but not limited to: financial aid, housing, health insurance, meal plan, veteran benefits, visa status, athletic status and/or academic implications. Students should review all information regarding polices, procedures, implications and deadlines prior to withdrawing from a course(s).  Students are responsible for adhering to deadlines and understanding the Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances policy and process.

The deadline to withdraw is March 25, 2021.

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