*Until further notice, the University Advising Center and Transfer Center will be completely "online" and will be continuing to provide services to students in a virtual format*


Academic Advisors will conduct advising appointments either by phone or video chat.  Students are encouraged to make appointments directly with their Advisor through Connect.


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PASS / NO CREDIT (Spring 2020)


How do I elect the Pass/No Credit option for one or more of my classes this term?

The process for requesting Pass/No Credit will be communicated by the University soon. You do not need to take any action at this time.

If I choose the Pass/No Credit option for a course, how will my GPA be calculated?

A Pass (P) or No Credit (N) grade will have no impact on your GPA. It will not contribute GPA Hours or Quality Points used in the calculation of overall GPA on your transcript.

The policy states that "A grade of Pass (P) is sufficient to meet the required prerequisite threshold for any future courses and will be allowed to meet progression in the student’s major, minor and general education requirements." Does that apply to all courses?

More information to come.

How should I anticipate a grade of Pass (P) being interpreted by graduate school admission committees?

Please be assured that all graduate admission committees will be aware of the circumstances around Spring 2020. We are not able to say with certainty how those committees will view student records. Each individual student will need to come to a decision regarding the election of Pass/No Credit.

Students can attempt selected courses for a maximum of two times. If I choose the Pass/No Credit option for a course this semester, will it count as one of the attempts?

More information to come.

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